Abilene, Texas
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Pavilion Area


Outdoor Pavilion Area
Canteen Kitchen RV Park Pavilion

We have a large pavilion area with restroom facilities that is large enough to accomodate almost any size gathering. There is plenty of open area for football, volleyball, badmitton, or any other activity you can think of. A play area is available for children and two horseshoe pits for your horseshoe competitions. placed around the outer perimeter of the area are exercise stations for those of you wanting to improvise a running track. Just design your track around the existing stations and you should be able to easily create a 1/4 mile track.

The grill can cook at least two dozen hamburgers at once and is also a smoker.

Around the back of the area, behind the restrooms, is a flag retirement area complete with firepit, flag pole, and benches. This is the perfect spot to hold flag retirement ceremonies or any other type of ceremony. It is also a great spot to sit, socialize, and enjoy a fire (although the firepit is deep and walled).