Abilene, Texas
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Post Officers

2017 - 2018
I may not always believe in and trust our government, but I will ALWAYS believe and trust the American Soldier.  You have taken a sacred oath to protect the many FREEDOMS that so many of us take for granted.  Please understand that I am grateful for your sacrifice(s) and your service on my behalf.  It is an honor to call you "My Countrymen".


Elected and Appointed
This is where the real work of the VFW happens, at the Post level. Post officers conduct the day-to-day affairs of the VFW following the guidelines as established by the By-Laws of the Post, District, Department and National as well as lawful directives of the Post membership. The Post is the direct link to the local community and plays a vital part within the community. VFW Programs are designed to augment and help every Post willing to do the work be a successful Post. Post officers are the voice of the veterans in the community. Post Commanders or their representative are required to attend every duly called District meeting and represent the concerns of the Post at the district level.
Richard Stokes
U.S. Air Force


Jim Carter
Jim Carter
U.S. Air Force
Senior Vice Commander

James “Jimmy” “Jim” Carter
Gold Legacy Life member
Served 38 years in the U.S. Air Force uniform on active duty and as an AFJROTC instructor.

Rodell Whitmore, Jr.
U.S. Air Force
Junior Vice Commander


Leroy Haynes, Jr.
U.S. Air Force

Life Member
Eligibility - Desert Storm
Held positions of Commander (Twice), Quartermaster, Trustee and House Committee.
Past All American/All State Commander and Quartermaster and twice National Aide-de-Camp
Member of VFW ince 1992

Terry Lopez
U.S. Air Force


Doug Bell
U.S. Air Force
Judge Advocate (Appointed)


Sam Davis
U.S. Air Force
Surgeon (Appointed)


Mike Reilly
U.S. Air Force
1 Year Trustee


Aivars Jurkis
U.S. Air Force
2 Year Trustee

Silver Life Legacy member
Retired USAF, 1972 - 1996
Eligibility - Korea
No previous positions
Member of VFW Post 6873 since

Julio Martinez
U.S. Air Force
3 Year Trustee

Life member
Retired USAF, 1974 - 1993
Eligibility - Desert Storm & Desert Shield
Previous Positions - Jr. Vice Commander, Adjutant, Distirict Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen Chairman

Deb Sutten
U.S. Air Force
Adjutant (Appointed)


Charlie Bowen
U.S. Army
Service Officer (Appointed)

Army Civil Affairs unit
VFW Member since 2005
Chaplain for 9 years
Chaplain of the Year 2015
3 year House Committe Member